How to Find the Best Building Inspector

Buying a home is the biggest investment and most expensive purchase you will make in your whole life; hence, it is essential to make a thorough evaluation of your next home. You need to know whether the house you are going to purchase is indeed the safe and cute house you have been dreaming of, a lemon with decaying foundation and wobbly chimney, or built under a colony of termites. A building inspection company should help you accomplish the task.

You can easily find building inspectors around the city or by a click of a button on your computer. Unfortunately, many of them do not have a solid foundation to do the job. A professional building inspector should have a sufficient training and a professional eye to easily find the defects of your next home.

Hiring a building inspector should not be as difficult as buying a house. Here are some tips how to find the best building inspector for your next home.

  • License and certification

A lot of building inspectors sign up for licensing and become certified to take advantage of the glowing respect that a license and certification will give them. Unfortunately, a license or certificate should not be the only basis whether to trust a building inspector. Check if your inspector really deserves to be trusted and respected, with or without the license and certificate.

  • Professional inspection organization

Look for a building inspector who is linked with a professional inspection organization to weed out those dubious inspectors. Although it will not catch all the bad actors because each association has various membership criteria, the organizations try to eliminate such kind in their group.

Try to find a building inspector who is affiliated with reputable building inspector organizations, such as Association of Building Consultants, Master Builders Associations, and the Housing Industry Association. Visit their websites and study the requirements for each organization how an inspector can become a member before going to “Find an Inspector” tab or link to get hold of a member in your region.

  • Recommendation from your agent

Your real estate agent may recommend a building inspector for the home you would like to buy. However, this kind of arrangement does not really serve the purpose of the home buyer because both the agent and the inspector get financial incentive on the situation.

  • Ask questions

As the saying goes, “Inspect the inspector.” Sniff around his resume. Call the licensing board and the organization he is affiliated to. Ask if there are any complaints or legal actions against the building inspector you are working with.

Interview the building inspector and grill him with questions. Ask him about his credentials and experience. Furthermore, you should also inquire if he carries “error and omissions insurance” or if he offers a guarantee. If the inspector is really professional, the answers should come out naturally.

Ask the building inspector for samples of his work. A professional building inspection company should have a portfolio or testimonials that they can boast about from his customers, which is usually displayed on his website. This way, you can confirm if he is comprehensive and covers all the aspects of practice stated in his website.