Modern Methods Of Finding A Reputable Building Inspection Company

In this modern day and age there are all sorts of ways to find reputable ‘building inspection’ companies.  It is important that you do find the right one, as not doing so could come back and haunt you when you least expect it.I heard a story about an inspection being carried out and on the day of the inspection it was raining, which makes it very hard to asses the roof as they can be incredibly slippery and most inspectors just won’t physically get up onto the roof. They can climb up the ladder and assess from the gutter view, but that is not part of the New Zealand or Australian standards, which actually states that for a full report to be carried out we must physically be on the roof to assess it.Anyway because on this particular day of the inspection, it was too dangerous to go up, so the inspector who carried out the report has spoken to the customer and advise them that it was too dangerous to go up so therefore did not report on it.  So the owners decided to go ahead with the purchase regardless.  After they subsequently moved into the property they had found the roof was leaking and needed to be replaced.

So the above story just illustrated the need to find a  so to avoid nightmare stories like that one. The inspector should have told the customers that under the New Zealand and Australian standards his obligation was to get up onto the roof and physically inspect it, therefore he should have endeavoured to go back to the property on the first fine day.

So onto finding a reputable and reliable inspector. There are many places to find one and the first place to start is by asking your friends and family if they know of good inspector. The second place to start is by asking you real estate agent, these guys are probably the most reliable source as they are dealing with them on a day to day basis.  Legally they can’t form a relationship with an inspector unless they disclose what the relationship is. They tend to know the stories that go around the traps and usually know who to avoid and who not to.

You can also try the modern approach, which is doing your research online. The first place to start is with Google, just type in building inspection and your location. Google have created a local search directory called Places. When the listings come up, you may see some companies with gold stars out to the right hand side of their listing, this means that people have put a review up about the company, it will also tell you how many reviews there are . Just click on the Places page and you can read them.
If these listings so have reviews the companies with the most reviews will be sitting at the top of the page.If you can’t find any just re-type into Google ‘building inspection’ reviews, this will bring up a number of websites that allow customers to review businesses.