Why Sellers Should Undertake Their Own Building Inspection

There is an old age myth that it has always been the buyers option to carry out a building inspection.
Maybe it’s because having an inspection done is a relatively new thing up until recently.
It always surprised me that, whenever we bought a car, most of us got a mechanic to look at it before we bought it. But when it came to investing in, probably for most of us, the most important asset we will ever buy, we simply avoided getting a report done. It is important to know if you’re selling your house, why it is important to have your own inspection done.
As you will find out, the benefits of doing this yourself will become extremely obvious and will make you wonder why you haven’t thought about it earlier.
I will start with how the buyers who get an inspection done, take away the control from the seller.
Here is what the buyer gains by getting the inspection done:
They have the advantage in the negotiating game, purely by holding the element of surprise card. If they discover something that you didn’t, they will use it to their advantage by either reducing the price or have you carry out the repairs.  Straight away you are on the back foot and either way it’s going to come out of your pocket.Secondly, buyers tend to overestimate the repair costs, which is common sense for most of us, if we experience uncertainty, the first thing we are going is jump straight on the defensive and protect ourselves, where we can. In other words if there is something that needs to be fixed, we‘re going to make sure the extra costs aren’t going to come out of our pockets.So here is what you gain by carrying out your own inspection:

You prepare yourself for no surprises. If the inspector comes back with repair work that needs to be done. See if you can get an estimate of how much it would cost for the repairs.

Now you have two choices…you can either get it repaired; and if you do that, make sure you get your inspector back to adjust it in the report… Or you can factor the remedial work into the asking price, so make sure you work in with your listing agent and he is well aware of it.

Secondly, you alleviate stress while the house is on the market and having to deal with different reports from different ‘building inspection’. Buyers may get their own reports done for their own peace of mind and you are never going to prevent that from happening, but if that does happen, then at least you have your own ammunition if you end up not agreeing to some of the demands the potential purchaser puts on you eg over estimating repair work.

It’s always important to have a card up sleeve when it comes to the game of negotiating. You need to be in a strong position if you want to get maximum dollar for your home and a positive and solid report on the condition of your home can mean the difference of thousands of dollars.