The Proper Building Inspection For Filling And Excavating

I know a lot of people think that filling and excavating will only require that you have the
proper equipment available to you to get the job done. Unfortunately for those people,
they just don’t realize that there is a lot more that goes into this process and having a
proper building inspection done is certainly going to be one of the steps needed to make
this situation become a reality. You may even need to have some kind of a planning
permit in place in order to do the kind of excavating that you are trying to achieve. There
are also potentially other specific codes you may or may not be violating that you need to
look into first before you could begin any type of work of this nature.

You don’t want to just start doing something like this and then find out later on through a
building inspection that you created some serious violations that are going to eventually
cost you a great deal of money. The last thing you want to do is cost yourself some
serious fines that you may or may not actually be able to afford. And worse than that
even is you may have to actually pay for the damage as well and pay somebody to repair
the areas that you unintentionally destroyed. Imagine having to pay all of the repair bills
on top of a serious fine? This will definitely hurt you money-wise so you want to make
sure that everything is in order and that it’s legal for you to do what you are trying to do
way before you begin to work on your property in any fashion at all.

It’s very important that each and every property owner understand that there is a
possibility you have to submit some form of a planning application before you can do any
type of excavation or filling on your own property. There are quite a few different kinds

of codes that you may unintentionally violate so you certainly want to look into that to

make sure everything you are about to do is on the up and up. One of the best ways to
make sure that you aren’t violating any kind of laws or codes is to have a proper building
inspection done on your property or the area where the filling in excavating will take
place. You don’t want to break any kind of environmental laws by knocking down and
excavating land that happens to be protected from an environmental point of view. This
would cause serious trouble for you and I know that is certainly something you would
like to avoid.

That’s why you seriously need to make it a point to have a building inspection
 come over to your property and check everything out to make sure that you
are not in any kind of violation. They will let you know if there are any specific code
requirements that you need to follow, and they will even tell you if you need a certain
permit to do the type of work that you are planning on attempting in the very near future.

So definitely have a building inspection done before you start a large project of this kind
and make sure that you are legally allowed to do this before you actually spend any
money at all.